Mixed up luggage bought these strangers together with the most amazing outcome

When two men took home the wrong luggage, it wasn’t the usual nightmare scenario.
Instead, the crossing paths of these two strangers led to something much more wonderful – faith in humanity restored!
It happens often. People take the wrong luggage home, and don’t realise til they can be bothered to unpack their suitcase.
For some of us, we may wonder HOW this happens as we check straight away religiously and often have a little bow or luggage tag to identify our own case.
Now usually, if this mistake happens, it is very inconvenient. There’s a lot of being put on hold, waiting on the airline to contact the other passenger, and spending vacation money on new clothes to wear until you are reunited with your clothes.
This unfortunate mistake happened to two guys in Vancouver International airport. They both had silver matching suitcases and neither thought to check inside for their belongings. They even had very similar luggage tags but alas, neither of them actually read them upon recognition of the tag.
One of the men, Caleb White* was returning home to Canada from one of his many holidays around the world.
The other, David Williams was just on a business trip with work from the UK.
David got to his hotel in the early hours of the morning, knowing he had one day to relax until he had to attend meetings the following day. Upon opening the suitcase and realising it wasn’t his, David was frustrated. He knew he would spend his one day of chill trying to relocate his case and ensure he had everything for the coming meetings. He noticed the tag had a telephone number and an address. Upon researching the address, he was relieved to know that the owner of this suitcase was staying or living nearby.
He called the number and a serious female voice answered with, “Caleb White’s phone, how may I help?”
David explained what had happened and said he would be happy to bring the case by to swap. The lady on the other end of the phone agreed and so he drove over in his cheap hire car to swap the cases.
David arrived at the most beautiful house he had ever seen and after being taken to meet the illusive Caleb, they got on very well.
They had a few drinks by Caleb’s swimming pool and after David’s vent about his life, Caleb offered him a once in a lifetime opportunity – to move to Canada and work for him!
It’s not often that these stories have such wonderful endings!
3 months down the line we can confirm that David is living in Canada, with a new girlfriend and a job that he loves and pays over double what he was earning before!
Congratulations to them both!
*Caleb wishes to remain anonymous*
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