“Polish Viking” is causing a stir


Everyone loves the “Polish Viking” Ladziak but few know a funny story he shared with us directly!

He was out with his son (26) when the young lad pointed out a nice looking lady from across the room.

“He was plucking up the courage to go and speak to her, and she was definitely looking over at us so I thought he was definitely in there”

After a few drinks and some dancing he realised that it wasn’t his son that this woman was interested in – it was him!

“Over the last 10 years, I had been working hard on my body and made some massive changes to my lifestyle, but it wasn’t until this moment where I felt extremely proud of what I had accomplished – this woman was half my age!”

“After that night, we all kept in touch and my son got a girlfriend of his own. After that I knew Magda was fair game and we’ve been extremely happy ever since!”




Ladziak has amassed a giant following on instagram ever since he has started showing off his buff body and silver beard!




Magda comments, “As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one – I’ve always preferred older men but they usually lack the confidence that he has”

His son has refused to comment on the story, but is happily in a long time relationship.

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